How We Help B2B Businesses Score Dozens of Real Sales Opportunities Every Week Without Cold Calling, Paid Advertising or Fancy Gimmicks

We help you install the systems and strategies your business needs to stop wasting 50% of your time attempting to keep your pipeline full. 

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Our systems and strategies have booked brands such as

See How We Help Our B2B Clients Land New Deals Consistently

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B2B Outbound teaches B2B business owners like yourself the full strategy and bulletproof systems that we’ve used internally to book over 1,000 sales meetings

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Here’s how we help you do the same

1:1 Consulting

We’ll hold your hand to help you implement the same systems and strategies we use internally, and work with you to create a compelling offer that will ultimately lead to successful outbound prospecting campaigns

Group Coaching

Consistency is key, and in order to stay consistent community, motivation and frequent check-ins are necessary. The way we do this for our clients is through 2 hours of weekly group calls. The calls are separated into 2 topics:

  A. Prospecting strategy and copy

  B. Prospecting systems 

Full training program

  • SOP’s
    Dozens of pages of SOP’s that we’ve built for our own agency Done For You Meetings that will save you 100’s of hours, as well as thousands of dollars due to lack of efficiency.
  • Systems
    The exact copy and paste systems we use to manage cold email campaigns for over 50+ B2B businesses. These aren’t flashy systems, but rather simple, effective, and profit driven guidelines and automations to bring you more meetings.
  • Trainings
    Hours of in depth training videos covering everything you need to know in order to be successful with your prospecting campaigns.

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Who are we

Michael Gardiner

Michael Gardiner has been a serial entrepreneur for over 7 years, with a speciality in building online agencies. In addition to b2boutbound.io Michael owns Done For You Meetings, a cold email agency booking meetings for over 50 B2B businesses.

Felipe Führ

Felipe has 4+ years of experience and has successfully grown and sold a business. He now performs as a manager and integrator for big companies, such as Done For You Meetings.

Lakshan Geegana

I’m Lakshan, graduated in Engineering, I’ve immersed myself into the digital world and am a specialist in B2B systems integration, business development strategies, sales and copywriting.


Outbound prospecting works for any B2B business with a proven offer. On occasion outbound prospecting may work for a B2C offer, for example fitness training or therapy solutions. If you’re unsure, book a call with our team and we’ll let you know if we can help.

We work with businesses of all sizes, and have had clients starting at 0 and fortune 50 companies doing 11-figures per year, however our content is most suited for businesses with at least 10 clients.

B2B Outbound is a “done with you” offer where we train, consult, and support you with your own outbound prospecting efforts, however if you’re a business with a proven offer and 10+ clients who’d like meetings booked for them, you can visit our partner agency Done For You Meetings.

Our clients with proven offers who follow our strategies on average see an extra 15-30 booked meetings every month, however there are certainly outliers on both ends.

To get your outbound prospecting systems started you can expect 10-20 hours of initial work, followed by 5-10 hours per week for the first 4-weeks, and from there down to 5 hours per week. This can also be time free for you if you decide to hire roles that we recommend in B2B Outbound.

Most importantly, a proven offer. Proven offer meaning a B2B offer that you’ve used to sell at least 10 clients, and in general has demand for. You’ll need a handful of tech, copy, strategies, SOP’s etc.. but that’s what we’re here for, we provide you all you’ll need to be successful with your outbound prospecting campaigns.

Yes! Our program comes with support in three different ways. Firstly, we have a handful of 1:1 consulting calls, secondly, we have 3 hours of weekly group calls, third we have email support for questions/concerns.

Our program is a 4-figure investment, but we do offer payment plans on an as needed basis for businesses who qualify.

Yes, we do have an agency that fully manages cold email campaigns for businesses that are doing over $30,000 in MRR. If you qualify feel free to check out dfymeetings.com to learn more.

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